Each SRAS SOP goes through a regular review (at least annually), originating with the SRAS staff.  Based on their input, proposed edits are recommended and posted for comment via the Weekly Research Update email for feedback for a least a one-week period.  Suggestions received are reviewed with the staff for any additional comments.  SOPs are then submitted to the SRAS Steering Committee for their final review and approval before posting in final form on the SRAS website.   

All SRAS SOPs are considered dynamic documents.  Feedback at any time regarding the current SOPs or to suggest a need for any additional SOPs can be sent directly to the SRAS manager

1. Internal Approval Process via eIAF for Non-Clinical Trial Sponsored Project Grant Proposals/Applications Updated October 2015
2. Sponsored Project Budget Development  Updated March 2016
3. Sponsored Project Proposal Preparation Updated March 2016
4. Submission of Information in Response to a Just-in-Time Request (JIT)  Updated September 2015
5. Submission of Annual Progress Report/Research Performance Progress Report (RPPR) to NIH  Updated September 2015
6. Sponsored Project Grants Mid-Year Budget Modifications  Updated March 2016
7. Submission of the Annual Progress Report/Non-competing Renewal to Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) Updated March 2016
8. Sponsored Project Grant Progress Reports/Noncompeting Continuations and/or Continuation Budgets for Multiyear Projects  Updated March 2016
No-Cost Extension Requests for Sponsored Project Grants 
10. Transfer of Faculty to the University of Kentucky   New August 2016

11.Review and Action Related to Project Account Data Records (PADR) as Created/Distributed by OSPA  Updated October 2015
12. Initiation and Monitoring of Subcontract/Subawards on Sponsored Project Agreements  Updated November 2015
13. Requesting and Processing Budget Revisions on Sponsored Projects Updated January 2016
14. Reconciliation  Updated draft version posted for comment December 2015
15. Report Preparation and Distribution for Sponsored Projects  (draft)
16. Cost Share  (draft)
17. Close Out  (draft)