RO1 Consultant Program

The UK COM RO1 Consultant Review Program is a process that will facilitate a faculty member engaging an authoritative external consultant to provide an assessment of a complete, but not yet submitted, RO1 (or equivalent) application.  For participation in this program, a complete draft of the application needs to be submitted to the Vice Dean for Research at 6 weeks in advance of the submission deadline. The process will be as follows:   

  1. At least 8 weeks ahead of the submission deadline, the faculty member should submit the name and contact information for 2 potential consultants (no UK Faculty and no study section members) to the SADR's office.  The faculty member’s Chair should acknowledge their agreement on the suitability of the suggestions.  It is expected that the proposed consultants will be experts in the field and have a working knowledge of the current NIH review process.  Furthermore, there would be an expectation that the external consultant be an NIH funded investigator.  Consultants that could promote any conflict in the review process should be excluded. 
  2. The R01 draft must be submitted to the Dean’s office at least 6 (six) weeks ahead of the deadline.  This will be a compete draft of all pages that will be included in the final proposal.  The SADR’s office will submit the draft to the consultant. 
  3. The consultant will submit the critique in NIH format to the SADR's office at least 4 weeks ahead of the submission deadline. 
  4. The College will provide an honorarium of $500 to the consultant for reviews that are returned within the time constraint. 
  5. Participation in this program will be factored into consideration if subsequent requests are submitted for UK COM bridge funding.