SRAS Useful Information

SRAS has a wealth of tools available to assist College of Medicine faculty, staff, and trainees with the grant development and management process. If you have questions about information on this page or any other grants related information, contact your assigned SRAS staff-members. For the list of department assignments, click here.


Travel Costs of Non-Employees

VA Appointment Calculator

COM SRAS Proposal Submission Deadline

Travel Expense Planning and Documentation Checklist

Proposal Project Management Checklist

Non-Compliant Grant Transaction Transfer Process

Non-Compliant Grant Transaction Examples

College of Medicine grant proposal effort requirements


SRAS Organizational Chart

Useful Acronyms

Link to SRAS SOPs


Pre Award Information

Certifying New eIAF Including Delegates

Pre Award Process Flowchart

NIH Rigor and Reproducibility Information Sheet

Working with Industry Sponsors

Proposal Project Management Checklist

Post Award Information

PADR at a Glance

Finance IBU Powerpoint

PI Financial Report Review Best Practices Sept 2017

PI Report PowerPoint Presentation - Overview

Procard Restrictions on the Purchase of Gift Cards


Information/Reference Materials

Determining a Graduate Student Position 2016

Determining a Post Doc Position 2016

Supporting Graduate Students on Grants

Student Travel Guidance

How to Pay Student Travel 2016

Sales Tax Guidance 2016

Non-employee Travel Guidance 1 2017

SUBAWARD OSPA Cover Email for subcontract POs

OSPA Subaward Review Checklist 2017

Graduate Student tuition and fee payments, updated 3 22 2018.pdf


Slide Deck on NIH Clinical Trial Initiative 2018

UG Micropurchase Information