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Minority Serving Institutions (MSIs) play an essential role in preparing the future workforce and have the opportunity to initiate change to help enrich scientific research. Creating a culturally informed scientific community begins in the classroom, with learning opportunities that motivate students to pursue biomedical careers. Our free program supports this effort by guiding MSI faculty through the detailed grant writing process so they may successfully compete for funding to conduct their research.

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Having the talent and enthusiasm to conduct research doesn't necessarily mean you have the time to pursue opportunities or successfully write grants to secure funding. iMERS serves as your grant writing advocate, helping reduce the obstacles faculty face when pursuing scientific endeavors.

Curated Content and Expert Insight to Shorten Your Learning Curve

  • Curriculum of broad information distilled down to correct, critical points
  • Organized, comprehensive approach to the NIH funding process
  • Industry insight, notifications, and updates by scientific research and grant writing experts

Progressively Detailed Programs to Fit Your Level of Interest and Engagement

  • Virtual presentations on timely topics
  • Immersive workshops for in-depth coverage and commentary
  • Individual mentoring for dedicated faculty with promising science

Continued Support as You Work Through the Proposal Process

  • Background in NIH procedure and grant writing
  • Expertise ranging from behavioral science to molecular biology
  • Assistance through the entire proposal development process


Working With Minority Serving Institutions Nationwide

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Institutions with research aspirations often find themselves at an impasse in advancing grant funding activities. A smaller staff means fewer submissions and less opportunity to land funding — and yet less funding to grow your department means a smaller staff. Our program helps break this cycle by providing grant writing advice that bridges the gap while you build capacity.

Educate and Support Faculty in Their Pursuit of Research Funding

  • Locate funding opportunities (FOA)
  • Proposal development support from industry experts for more successful submissions
  • Identify best practices and make strategic decisions about proposal management

Build an Infrastructure of Knowledge and Resources

  • Participate in training and workshops as an individual or with your entire team
  • Gather information to share with colleagues for a stronger, more impactful team
  • Understand the value of research development within the institutional  structure

Provide a Strategic Voice in University Research Goals

  • Access expertise to prepare quality applications, improve the funding success rate, and initiate a cycle of growth
  • Learn how to create a research-active environment to help shift institutional culture


The Power of Persistence: New 2020 NIH R01 Grants Show Resubmission Success Rate Nearly Doubled

15.2% submission success rate for first time NIH R01 grants
32.1% resubmission success rate for NIH R01 grants

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Support your faculty in their research efforts. Institutional leadership must reconcile market demands with resources and capabilities. While bringing research into a curriculum helps positively impact students and the future biomedical workforce, funding research takes time and persistence. Our free program helps mitigate the effort by educating and mentoring faculty as they pursue funding opportunities for your institution.

Boost Funding Endeavors and Improve Grant Writing Outcomes

  • Reduce time for team members to learn the complex NIH funding process
  • Access an expert support system that educates participants on the best practices of writing grant applications

Support Dedicated Faculty as They Seek Grants

  • Continue to develop vitality within your department, college, and university by building on your faculty's energy and intellectual edge
  • Provide faculty an opportunity to be more competitive with their grant submissions through in-depth workshops and mentorship

Integrate the Research Experience into Your Curriculum and Institution

  • Allow research and teaching to fuel each other and interact dynamically for a productive campus
  • Increase student interest in research and improve science process skills for more competitive graduates
  • Reimburse infrastructure support costs associated with sponsored research to help grow department and resources

Download details about our spring and fall grant writing workshops.