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Below are a few of our most commonly asked questions. If you have a question that we're not addressing here, please contact our program coordinator Melissa Nickell, who will be happy to assist you.

Yes, we have faculty who are experts in that area who will be happy to accommodate you.

The funds iMERS receives from the National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS) are earmarked explicitly for Minority Serving Institutions (MSI). Therefore, you cannot participate in our program under these guidelines unless associated with an MSI. 

We encourage colleagues who support faculty research efforts to join our program in several ways. First, our virtual training is an excellent place to engage with us if you're getting started and looking for information regarding NIH notifications or a topic update.

Another option is to have your institution host our two-day workshop inviting work colleagues, or you may decide to attend one hosted by another institution in your geographic area.

Our most immersive UK Campus workshops are reserved for faculty and involve an application process. Though spaces are limited, a faculty applicant may nominate a research development, administrative, or leadership colleague at their institution to join them for the event. 

Our two-day workshop, where you decide who to invite, is hosted on your campus. Optionally, if an institution is hosting an iMERS workshop nearby, you may request to attend. These comprehensive events, held throughout the year, are for those who are in the process of learning and serious about pursuing NIH Funding opportunities.

Our three-day workshop, located on the University of Kentucky campus, is for invited faulty following an application process that includes a Specific Aims draft and an outlined research project. These immersive events, held each spring and fall, are for researchers committed to advancing their proposal, where they will be assigned a faculty mentor.

If your institution is hosting a two-day iMERS workshop on their campus, then that institution is allowed to invite whomever they like. For example, attendees may be limited to colleagues or widened to include regional research faculty and support staff from other institutions.

MSI faculty who have promising science and a strong desire to complete the NIH proposal process may submit an application, where you'll upload a Specific Aims draft and outline your research project. Those invited faculty who attend the workshop will be assigned a mentor to help them on their path to final submission.

The University of Kentucky provides reasonable accommodation to all those with disabilities participating in the iMERS program. Please notify our Program Coordinator of any special requests regarding a disability to determine the type of accommodation needed and our ability to assist.