About the Program

UK offers a highly focused program of grant-writing workshops, Interactive Mentoring to Enhance Research Skills (IMERS), to empower faculty researchers from NIH SCORE-eligible institutions in their efforts to develop and submit competitive NIH grant applications. 

IMERS workshops are delivered by:

  • Donald T. Frazier, Ph.D.,
    Professor Emeritus, UK College of Medicine,
    Director, Donald T. Frazier Science Outreach Center
    Multi-PD/PI, NIGMS-sponsored grant-writing workshops 

  • Brett Spear, Ph.D.,
    Professor, UK College of Medicine,
    Director of Graduate Studies, Integrated Biomedical Sciences IBS Program,College of Medicine
    Multi-PD/PI, NIGMS-sponsored grant writing workshops

  • A team of experienced scientists and research development professionals dedicated to grant-writing outreach. 

See the full workshop team list.



Previously submitted unsuccessful proposals to NIH?

Been close to the funding line, but need a bit more help? 

Need a little “retooling” to become a successful grant writer? 

Want to be a better research mentor for your students?

Join us at the University of Kentucky for a dynamic, three-day event to enhance your grant-seeking skills!