Calendar for 2018

Speaker Institute Title Host/Sponsor
2/1/2018 Hollis G. Potter, MD Hospital for Special Surgery, NYC “Cartilage Quantitative Imaging” Peter Hardy, PhD
3/1/2018 Donna Martin, MD, PhD University of Michigan "Discovery of Novel Genetic Pathways During Development: From Human Phenotypes to Molecular Mechanisms" Susan Smyth, MD, PhD
4/5/2018 Michael F. Murray, MD Geisinger Making Disease-Risk Visible Through Genomic Screening Apostolos Psychogios, MD
5/3/2018 10th Annual Post Doc Poster Competition Winners Winners of the 10th Annual Postdoctoral Association Poster Competition Robert S. DiPaola, MD
6/7/2018 Feng Shao National Institute of Biological Sciences, Beijing Pyroptosis: from innate immunity to cancer Zhenyu Li, PhD
9/25/2018 Frederick Lepore, MD Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School Finding Einstein's Brain Dr. John Slevin
10/11/2018 Christopher Glass, MD, PhD University of California San Diego Nature and Nurture of Tissue Resident Macrophages Josh Morganti, PhD
12/6/2018 TBD