Sponsored Projects Accounting Releases New Monitoring Process for Subawards

[From Sponsored Projects Accounting]


In response to the Office of Management and Budget’s Uniform Guidance Section 200.331 Requirements for Pass-through Entities, Sponsored Projects Accounting is going to begin monitoring steps to ensure the financial compliance of the university’s subawards.  The initial group of subawardees was chosen based on a risk assessment and the volume of subawards awarded to each subawardee. If chosen in this group, the corresponding University of Kentucky principal investigator and business officer will be notified next week via email so they are aware of the specific subaward review prior to the Central Post Award Office of the subawardee being contacted the following week. After this initial monitoring stage, Sponsored Projects Accounting will expand its review to include additional subawards, but the department notification process will remain the same.


If you have any questions regarding this monitoring process, please contact subawards@uky.edu.