Research Communications

Research Communications

Phone:  859-218-4093


Website Management
Manage all content of the College of Medicine Research website.  The COM Research site can be found by clicking here

Event Facilitation
Coordinate with centers and departments regarding events such as research days.  For a list of upcoming events, click here

Grant Development 
Construct the systems and develop the resources needed to assist faculty with the submission of successful grant applications. An example includes the RO1 Consultant Review Program.   

Develop and communicate the processes by which financial conflict of interest is managed within the College of Medicine.    To read more about FCOI, click here

Research Data Storage
Facilitate the appropriate storage of research data by ensuring each faculty member has access to adequate storage space on college servers.

Advocacy Activities
Assists faculty in determining appropriate registration actions when interacting with government or not-for-profit organizations.  To read more about faculty and staff responsibilities to report lobbying activity, click here.