Sponsored Research Administrative Services

Sponsored Research Administrative Services will provide an enhanced level of service at the Pre-Award and Post-Award levels.  Throughout the unit, the overall research experience will be enhanced by an emphasis on regulatory compliance, customer service and continued process improvement. 

We welcome your feedback.  Please send your comments to:  comribu@uky.edu

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Department Assignments


Useful Acronym List


Grants Proposal Specialists

  • Initiate eIAF, while reviewing sponsor guidelines
  • Download Proposal Packets and complete financial and administrative information
  • Assist in Budget Development, including budget justifications
  • Verify and follow up on Co-Investigators FCOI disclosures
  • Track routing of the eIAF
  • Provide financial and administrative information for annual progress reports
  • Provide support information and assist with Just-in-Time (JIT) requests, ensure upload to eRA Commons or OSPA e-mail to sponsor


Account Reconcilers

  • Reconcile grant documentation for active grants
  • Monitor expenditures on accounts focusing on regulations, University policy, and grant-specific guidelines
  • Provide monthly Supplemental Report to PIs with payroll encumbrance information

 Grants Analysts

  • Resolve discrepancies found during the reconciliation process via JV or other method
  • Work with Principal Investigator and/or Department Administrator to facilitate budget revisions, no cost extensions, and changes to cost shared effort
  • Facilitate close out process of grants, including removing any CAS items, and/or notifying Principal Investigator and Department Administrator of expected overage or balance
  • Provide financial information for progress reports to pre-award team
  • Utilize reporting function to monitor payroll and other accounts for variances
  • Review PADRs for accuracy

Steering Committee Members

Alan Daugherty
Michael Dobbs
Don Gash
Christy Anderson
Roxie Allison
Jim Geddes
Roberto Cardarelli
Susan Stark
Mary Fern Waechter
Teri Walters

Steering Committee Meeting Minutes

Liaison Committee Members

Debbie Davis
Jennifer Miles
Brett Short

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