RPPR Project Outcomes Sections Now Available via NIH Reporter

With NIH’s implementation of the F-RPPR and I-RPPR, a new section, Section I – Outcomes, has been added. The Outcomes section will be made publicly available through the NIH RePORTER website.  The objective is to provide the public with easily understood results for NIH-funded biomedical research, thus improving the transparency about the use of federal funds.

NIH will only publish project outcomes after they’ve been reviewed and approved by NIH staff.  If a project outcome is in biomedical expert-speak, shares proprietary information, or includes Personally Identifiable Information (PII), a grantee will be asked by NIH staff to submit revised project outcomes using the Additional Material functionality for the Final and Interim RPPR (i.e., Final Report Additional Materials (FRAM) for Final RPPR, IRAM for Interim RPPR). Grantees will respond to these requests using an enhanced web form that supports NIH’s ability to make this information public.

For the latest Guide Notice on Project Outcomes, please see NOT-OD-18-103.

 For an example of an acceptable Project Outcomes description, please see the Summary of R01HL066004.