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Retired UK Pediatrician Passes the Torch to Geneticists

Posted: 6/28/2016

In December 1968, a widowed mother from Knoxville, Tennessee, arrived with her two sons, daughter and nephew at the University of Kentucky's pediatric clinic.

The four children were afflicted with severe intellectual impairment, presenting at the clinic with IQs of 10 or lower. The children showed normal development at birth, but during the first year of life experienced neurological deficiencies that rendered them unable to speak or walk. In the second and third years of life, the children were stricken with intense epileptic seizures.

Dr. Charlton Mabry, an original member of the Pediatric Department at the University of Kentucky, examined the four children in the hospital’s care-by-parent unit. After completing neurological examinations, Mabry, who was an assiduous record-keeper, took samples of the children’s blood and urine for further testing. He also denoted personal characteristics of each patient and family dynamics in his case reports. He took the specimens to the UK College of Medicine lab, finding elevated levels of the protein known as alkaline phosphatase (AP), a finding called hyperphosphatasia. Eighty percent of these cases were involved in bone metabolism, but Mabry’s study showed hyperphosphatasia occurring the metabolism of the liver.


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University of Kentucky Joins the TriNetX Network

Posted: 6/22/2016
The University of Kentucky has signed a membership agreement to join the TriNetX network, a leader in international clinical research networks, in order to optimize clinical trial design and advance clinical research for UK programs. Pharmaceutical researchers will gain access to UK's clinical data in real time through TriNetX's proprietary... FULL STORY
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New NHLBI Policy: Investigator-Initiated Multi-Site Clinical

Posted: 6/21/2016
New NHLBI Policy: Investigator-Initiated Multi-Site Clinical Trials Notice Number: NOT-HL-16-321 Release Date:  June 14, 2016Related Announcements PAR-16-300 PAR-16-301 PA-16-160  Issued by National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) PurposeThis Notice informs potential applicants of changes in NHLBI policies and procedures for the... FULL STORY

Bachstetter Lab Featured on LabTV

Posted: 6/7/2016 - Tags: Research, scobirc
In the Spinal Cord and Brain Injury Research Center (SCOBIRC) at the University of Kentucky, Adam Bachstetter’s lab studies how glial cells in the brain interact with neurons to support brain health. Bachstetter and Danielle Lyons, a postdoctoral scholar in his lab, recently shared their stories with LabTV.Bachstetter, who was a pre-law psychology undergraduate at Capital University in Columbus, Ohio, said he ended up in science because of a neuroscience internship. He went on to graduate work at University of South Florida, started postdoctoral research at Northwestern University and then moved to the University of Kentucky to finish his postdoctoral work.Bachstetter... FULL STORY

Researchers Present Cancer Studies at Markey Research Day

Posted: 5/19/2016 - Tags: Research, Markey Cancer Center
The annual University of Kentucky Markey Cancer CenterResearch Day not only provides researchers with the opportunity to share their work, but to get feedback from colleagues. An estimated 400 people were in attendance at the event, with about 50 staff members tasked with judging posters.While many posters are presented by seasoned researchers, high school, undergraduate, graduate and postdoctoral students, as well as junior researchers and staff, also can submit work and request to have their poster presentation judged by faculty members.For Kim Lakocy, a fourth year undergraduate nursing student, this year’s Markey Research Day was her introduction to cancer... FULL STORY

Markey Achievements Featured in Annual “State of the Cancer Center”

Posted: 5/19/2016 - Tags: Markey Cancer Center, Research
Dr. Mark Evers, director of the University of Kentucky Markey Cancer Center, gave his annual "State of the Cancer Center" address Wednesday at Markey Research Day, highlighting the center's major accomplishments in patient care, recruitment, research and outreach from the past year."Markey is making great strides in both clinical care and research, and we plan to continue that trend moving forward," Evers said. "Kentucky is still home to the worst cancer rates in the country, and we will continue to expand our reach and provide acute-level cancer care for not just Kentuckians, but patients from neighboring states and even across the country who are seeking services only... FULL STORY

UK Study Shows New Potential Marker for Obesity

Posted: 5/11/2016 - Tags: Markey Cancer Center, Research
A new study led by University of Kentucky researchers and published in Nature shows a potential new biological marker for the development of obesity and a possible target for obesity prevention and treatment. Neurotensin (NT), a peptide produced mainly in the gastrointestinal tract and central nervous system, is released with fat ingestion and facilitates fatty acid absorption in the intestine. Previous research has shown that NT can also stimulate the growth of various cancers and increased fasting levels of pro-NT (an NT precursor hormone) are associated with development of cardiovascular disease and breast cancer. The new Nature study examined data from the... FULL STORY

Markey, LLS Host Fifth Annual Meet the Researchers Day

Posted: 5/2/2016 - Tags: Research, Markey Cancer Center
The University of Kentucky Markey Cancer Center and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society hosted their fifth annual "Meet the Researchers Day" last week. Meet the Researchers Day is a field trip given as a prize to two schools in the region who successfully raise more than $1,000 for the LLS's Pennies for Patients campaign. This year, students from Bluegrass Baptist School (BBS) in Lexington, Ky., and Kenneth King Middle School (KKMS) in Harrodsburg, Ky., won the opportunity to visit the Biomedical/ Biological Sciences Research Building (BBSRB) on UK's campus and learned more about how the money they raised for Pennies for Patients will help further cancer research.... FULL STORY

UK’s Collaborative Research Environment

Posted: 4/28/2016 - Tags: Research
As Vice President for Research, I am frequently asked, “What is it like to be a researcher at UK?” Well, to be honest, I have only known one research environment as a faculty member performing academic research for the past 27 years, and that environment is UK. While this might be construed as making me shortsighted, I believe that one of the primary reasons I have remained at UK throughout my academic career is the collaborative nature of research. Nowhere that I have visited, or been recruited to, has the team-based approach to research that I have experienced at UK. I even like to think that I have contributed to that collaborative research environment, through... FULL STORY

Markey Receives Funding to Improve Community Cancer Education in Eastern

Posted: 4/14/2016 - Tags: Markey Cancer Center, Research
University of Kentucky researchers Robin Vanderpool and Mark Dignan are leading projects funded by the National Cancer Institute’s Center to Reduce Cancer Health Disparities to continue Markey Cancer Center’s community-based efforts aimed at reducing cancer rates in Appalachia. Both programs are funded for three years. Appalachian regions, particularly in Eastern Kentucky, have disproportionately high rates of both incidence and mortality due to cancer when compared to other regions in the United States. Poverty, lack of access to health care, poor diet, tobacco use, and lack of exercise conspire together to produce high rates of preventable cancers in Appalachia... FULL STORY

Family Impacted by UK's Sanders-Brown Hopes to be Part of Alzheimer

Posted: 4/8/2016 - Tags: Alzheimer's research, Research, UK Sanders-Brown Center on Aging
Nearly 68,000 Kentuckians today are suffering from Alzheimer's disease, but the emotional and financial tolls are much higher. That's because, in the words of Linda Van Eldik, Alzheimer's is a "family disease.""Alzheimer's affects the patient, of course, but as the disease progresses, it is also devastating for the people who love and care for that patient," said Van Eldik, director of the University of Kentucky Sanders-Brown Center on Aging.While a diagnosis of Alzheimer's or other age-related dementias brings an incredible amount of uncertainty to patients and their families, there is a valuable resource at the University of Kentucky providing information, support and... FULL STORY

UK Sanders-Brown Center on Aging Excels at Recent National Conference

Posted: 4/5/2016 - Tags: UK Sanders-Brown Center on Aging, Research
Two researchers from the University of Kentucky Sanders-Brown Center on Aging won awards at the National Charleston Conference on Alzheimer's Disease (CCAD) earlier this month. Ai-Ling Lin, Ph.D., and Jose Abisambra, Ph.D., were two of 15 researchers selected from high-caliber institutions such as Harvard, Mount Sinai and New York University to attend the conference based on the quality and originality of their research. Of the four awards presented, Sanders-Brown researchers were awarded two. Lin was one of three recipients who received the $50,000 New Vision Award. She will use the award money to further her research into the effects of diet on healthy... FULL STORY

Sanders-Brown Laboratories Showcase Work on Alzheimer’s Disease, Traumatic

Posted: 3/9/2016 - Tags: UK Sanders-Brown Center on Aging, Alzheimer's disease, Research
The laboratories of University of Kentucky researchers Anika Hartz, Ph.D., and Christopher Norris, Ph.D., published research studying the pathologies of Alzheimer’s disease and traumatic brain injury (TBI), respectively, in the most recent issue of The Journal of Neuroscience. Both Alzheimer’s disease and TBI impair patients’ memory and cognitive abilities, but they have different causes. Researchers and doctors do not yet know what causes Alzheimer’s disease, but they do know the risk of developing the disease increases with age and that toxic amyloid-β proteins clump together and accumulate in the brains of patients with the disease. TBI, on the other hand, can... FULL STORY

Kyprianou Named 2016 Urology Care Foundation Distinguished Research

Posted: 2/29/2016 - Tags: Awards and Recognition, Markey Cancer Center, Research
Dr. Natasha Kyrpianou has been chosen as the 2016 Urology Care Foundation Distinguished Research Scholar Alumna. The award recognizes those in the urologic community who have compiled significant and substantial research and demonstrated academic leadership as well as a commitment to scholarship to advance urology care. Dr. Kyprianou will be honored at the Urology Care Foundation Research Honors Program on May 7. Currently serving as a professor of Urology, Biochemistry, Pathology and Toxicology and Cancer Biology in the University of Kentucky College of Medicine, Kyprianou has done extensive research in the field of urology; in 2002, Kyprianou joined the Markey... FULL STORY

UK Virologist Becky Dutch Explores the Varying Nature of Viruses

Posted: 2/23/2016 - Tags: Biochemistry, Research
From Zika to Ebola, the emerging viruses of the 21st century pose a threat to populations throughout the world as silent invaders of the human body. While viruses infect most people multiple times a year with varying degrees of severity and symptoms, no two viruses function in exactly the same way.For University of Kentucky virologist Becky Dutch, studying the diverse nature of viruses is an exciting — and sometimes challenging — endeavor. Each individual virus must be treated as a separate entity. Dutch said the details of the infection process of HIV do not necessarily teach researchers about the details of infection processes of other viruses, such as a common... FULL STORY