"Creative musical expression and outcomes based research"

Jan 17 2014 - 12:00pm
Pavilion A Auditorium
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Dean’s Distinguished Lecture Series
Barry Bittman, MD
Institute for Innovative Healthcare

Barry Bittman, MD

Barry Bittman, MD is a neurologist, author, international speaker and researcher. As Chief Innovations Officer of Meadville Medical Center, Dr. Bittman has pioneered a new paradigm for comprehensive integrative strategies that engage patients and communities in the active pursuit of health and well-being. Through numerous innovative disease-based projects and programs funded by leading healthcare insurers, he has developed a novel series of coordinated care inpatient and outpatient models.

Based upon his commitment to shaping the future of healthcare, Dr. Bittman serves as a Senior Fellow in the esteemed Estes Park Institute where he focuses on maximizing care coordination, optimizing the patient experience and enabling physicians to assume executive leadership roles in hospitals.

With the goal of extending outreach to the community, Dr. Bittman has developed the first of its kind interdisciplinary Community Healthcare curriculum with Allegheny College. Presented by a faculty that includes key members of the hospital medical staff, counselors, nutritionists, an ethicist and an attorney, this unprecedented credit-based program prepares pre-med students for an internship in which they serve as Health Coaches in the hospital's coordinated Community Care Network.

Dr. Bittman's medical perspectives have been presented in his book, Reprogramming Pain, written to help individuals transform pain and suffering into health and success. His book, Maze of Life, co-authored with Anthony DeFail, is a soul-searching parable about restoring hope, meaning and purpose amidst life’s challenges.

As the former host of the first nationally-syndicated integrative medicine weekly Public Radio program, Mind-Body Matters, Dr. Bittman interviewed 115 of the world's leading visionaries. His program featured cutting-edge in-depth perspectives that scientifically substantiate the utilization of integrative strategies within conventional healthcare. Dr. Bittman's more than 250 articles on a host of integrative medical topics have been published in his newspaper column, Mind Over Matter.

His work has been featured on CNN Headline News and in numerous leading publications throughout the world, including USA Today, Business Week, Time, Prevention, Discover, O (Oprah Magazine), the New York Times, the San Francisco Chronicle, the Washington Post, Scientific American, Men's Fitness and others.

Dr. Bittman also serves as CEO of the Yamaha Music & Wellness Institute, a non-profit organization that focuses on research and education. His peer-reviewed published scientific research focuses on stress reduction from psychosocial to genomic levels utilizing novel creative music expression strategies.

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