Calendar for 2013

Speaker Institute Title Host/Sponsor
2/14/2013 James Mohler, MD Roswell Cancer Institute "Androgen-Independent Prostate Cancer is NOT Androgen Independent" Stephen Strup, MD and UK Division of Urology
2/20/2013 Mark Ginsberg, MD University of California, San Diego “Regulation of Vascular Adhesion” Susan Smyth, MD, PhD and Charles Griffith, MD
4/5/2013 Fred Gage, PhD Salk Institute for Biological Studies Cancelled - "Neuronal Plasticity and Neural Diversity" Jayakrishna Ambati, MD
6/6/2013 Max D. Cooper, MD Emory University “How did our adaptive immune system evolve?” Subbarao Bondada, PhD
8/22/2013 Anthony Atala, MD Wake Forest School of Medicine Regenerative Medicine: New Approaches to Healthcare Lumy Sawaki, MD, PhD
9/5/2013 Eric Olson, PhD University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas "The Molecules and Mechanisms of Heart Development, Disease and Regeneration" Jayakrishna Ambati, MD and Susan Smyth, MD, PhD
10/4/2013 Victor Ambros, PhD - Lasker Awardee University of Massachusetts "MicroRNA pathways in animal development" Jayakrishna Ambati, MD
11/6/2013 Alfred Sommer, MD - Lasker Awardee The Johns Hopkins University "Health: Our Behavior and Our Environment" Jayakrishna Ambati, MD
12/5/2013 Mario Capecchi, PhD University of Utah "Gene Targeting into the 21st Century: Mouse Models of Human Disease from Cancer to Neuropsychiatric Disorders." Jayakrishna Ambati, MD